The Artists

Eric Harper

Eric Harper is an award winning musician, and began his musical journey with classical guitar.  Although his award winning flamenco style is very popular, Eric has shown his versatility by writing for a spectrum of genres, and scoring for film and TV.  He writes and produces his own songs, and has started offering his services … Read more

Alyse Paquette

Alyse Paquette comes from a family of accomplished musicians and possesses an incredible vocal talent.  She brings both brightness and depth to any song she sings.  Of benefit to all, she has recently re-kindled her passion for performing.  When paired with her talented musician partner Luke Satre, the show is not to be missed.

Christopher Arruda

Christopher Arruda, the “Lion” in the group “The Lion The Bear The Fox,” is a Vancouver musician with a dynamic voice.  It is rich and powerful, yet possesses a subtlety that can handle lyrics with great effect.  It is this versatility that gives “The Lion” his signature vocals.

Alexandria Maillot

Alexandria Maillot hails from Vancouver, and at 22 years of age has created waves with her soulful voice.  She started writing music when she was 10, and performing not long afterwards.  She has won several music awards and songwriting competitions, and enjoys a solid profile on the national stage.  With so much of her career … Read more